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Most of the technology in our world today; computers, electronics, gizmos, vehicles and the rest have equations as their kernel. Simply, their working principle is based on some kind of equation; mathematics or physics.


There are also chemical equations and computer equations (as programs & algorithms)


Physics is an interesting subject with hundreds of equations and derivations, you don't want to rote them, but you may want to see those writings as the 'secret' behind a working dynamo.


Some of the equations especially in advance physics include many Greek alphabet different from English alphabets with want-to-master pronunciations. Drawings, proves, equation numbers (equ 1, equ 2), are part of the classicals of physics equations.


Here are some simple cases:


where E= energy, M= mass and C=speed of light

F = MA

where F = Force, M = Mass and A = Acceleration


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