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Ravaging, badly hit, are words common with high magnitude earthquakes news reports;

we find science sometimes groping with issues around Health and Earth. After conquest of certain parts, other parts stand tall dwarfing scientific solutions and hypothesis. Early this year, I posted a research paper on what maybe the solution to protracted Volcanic Eruption, this suggest the use of aeronautics down a volcano conduit against spewing lava.

Early 2010 and twice this 2011, there were sudden massive devastating earthquakes in three countries around the world, loss of lives, properties and dispossession followed. Temblor appear as a no-go area for research solutions in some aspects of science. 

Studies show that earthquakes originates tens of kilometres below sea level, this presents the question: where do we start from if we have to?

There are technologies that help predict timing of temblor and tsunami 'safety' experimentation in places; non of these have lessened most devastation.

So we label earthquakes as 'impossible' & have it carelessly ruin people and places when it wants to without control or we push up even with diffidence for safety of people, places and things.

A kind of steel sensor, down the earth along points of converging or diverging tectonic plates can help scientific predictions more or large rotating metals electronically controlled built underground along fault lines will reduce quake energy between the hypocenter and the epicenter. There can be repeated simulations and modelling with different methods to aid predictions and solution inference.

Temblors cause a vibrating Earth and artificially some vibrations beneath will aid in accurate predictions and safety. Some active fault lines are unknown which rests risk farther from certainty; as a long term safety procedure deep earth vibrations can be made within distance of distance beneath ground level. These vibrations to be made by steel senors will be improved to detect diminutive sound or shaking many miles away.

The form and shape it takes can help predict, the direction and what its likely to be, earthquake or even volcano. Solutions lie underneath, scientist have to reach for this, engineers need to build smart sensor technologies and people can be saved from Earthquakes and related disaster.

Earthquakes relates to tectonic plates; transform, converging and diverging.

It is not nice to see what comes upon people and places in earthquake and post-earthquake footages, more reasearches with underground solutions along or near fault lines will help a great deal.

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