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I got on twitter last March principally to feel-in and share some of my research works; the experience? going good. Most stuffs about twitter is shortened; texts, pictures and links. Microblogging is real nice.

I believe that microblogging should advance a step further, which is what I have stated in some of my tweets: writetogether. What this means is that people write without without space between words when micro-blogging or tweeting.



Why should this be? If you check what development is, it is usually improvement from a former to an applicable, better-in-use latter that gives more advantage with the same space, quantity or amount. And this is what the proposed Mini-microblogging introduces.

If there are 160 or 140 characters available for single messages in some platform, twotofive words written together can create input for more symbols or simple words. This will advance Microblogging and help certain users distinguish wordstogether, a plus to Intellgence*

Uppercase can be used for letters that begin a word and ends the previous eg. HelovesScience, S is in capitals to avoid mix up that may arise from sequence of letters.

One can decide to write all words together or write threetosix words together depending on the platform and how exicting the writer want to present the  work. Punctuation Marks are also allowed when writingtogether to ensure the writing is understood



                     ILikemy namepeople liketheirnames imaginethathumansdontusenames

                     ScientistorEconomist; whichdo youprefer inthistime of WorldEconomicRecovery

ThisWriting is interesting asides it advantages; it helps to reduce oversight. When most people read, their mind assume certain words and phrases without a thorough look, writingwithout space puts that off and lets people checkwords carefully.

Lets writetogether because we needto.

*Intelligence used here describes skillful detection of words.


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