David Stephen

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David Stephen Résumé


Meme: For young males to bow as obeisance to elders in some parts of Africa is not accepted, what they have to do is prostrate; we grew up, doing this.


Parents: Stephen and Juliana Akinola. They are both from the same city, Akure, my birthplace, in western Africa.


They fondly called me Bode, the short of Olabode, a name common to the Yoruba ethnic group in Africa.


I grew up in a city about 320km from my parents city of origin, this sometimes make me talk like am from here.


David is one of my birth names and Stephen my preferred name through school is my father's forename; I'm at this because my parents don’t call me the former anymore. So David Stephen is official from my full names: David Olabode Stephen Akinola.


Birthday: 11th August


Fiancée: Still looking


Hopeful Itinerary: Resolute Bay, for closeness to a Geomagnetic pole.


Politics? No, apolitical


Religiously Inclined? Yes, Christianity


Education: schooled in Africa, same municipal for elementary and high, attended a prestigious two-year college as a Physics with electronics major, should continue my studies in Physics in 2012.


Work: Theoretical research in Science & its development is what I do.


Projects: My projects whirl around novel research papers, Science News Articles, and workable scientific solutions to common issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Hopes: I hope to specialize in Earth Physics, but I find Tech and Health Physics special. I hope to become a scientific expert of choice for most part of my career.


Interests: I am Interested In Research and Development in relation to Science Technology. I am a research degree hopeful and a research job mastery.


Personals: I am aggressive about learning, so I love to read and love to listen attentively; people I love on discussion tell me of things I don’t know. I love those young at heart willing to comply with progressive change. I believe that I should someday write a book on life's philosophy, the bring-along and possibilities to prevail through, if this will ever be, it should be many years down my lifetime.